Balloon Art has come a long way from the dog and sword. Even though the balloon world is rapidly growing, there is still plenty of room to innovate. The aim of Balloonski is to think outside the box with forward intentions, while riding waves of the latest trends mixed with retro nostalgia. All to create a deep reaction for your enjoyment, or spark a real conversation about the world around you.

Live Balloon Art

Have you ever seen a balloon artist and thought, “I wonder if he can make a balloon that looks like MY dog?” The answer to that and many other design ideas is Yes! The only limit to Live Balloon Art, is your imagination!

Gallery Balloon Art

Working with balloons has a major downside, their life expectancy. With that mindset, Balloonski set out to find balloon immortality and came up with Forever Balloons. These creations preserve Balloon Art into the future for you to enjoy Forever.

Balloon Street Art

Balloon Art on the street; Transforming inspiration into Icons, Symbols, Sayings, Art. Made for the unsuspecting public who needs a boost of color in the middle of their grey existence.

Why we do this

“Balloon Art has pushed me to become a better human being. Every time i create someone a balloon, i feel a connection to the awe and wonder of their spirit. Many moody humans have walked away with smiles, it helps me go further and faster to my destiny of changing the world.”   -Balloonski

  • Fun

    If you’re not having fun, then you’re not living; Balloonski knows how to create fun in abundance!

  • Art

    Art mimics life, thats why Balloonski gets most inspiration from the world around us.

  • Inspire

    Thinking about art is like a magic wand. Whatever you can imagine, can be real!

  • Therapy

    When you get a balloon of your own, you are immediately transported to the PARTY ZONE! All positivity, all the time. And if that doesn’t make you feel better, i don’t know what will

Balloonski creates amazing mash ups of traditional, street, and balloon art. He bridges the gaps between those three worlds, and in doing so, brings a legitimacy to our art that few others have.

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