TheMostFamousArtist – We met at a mexican restaurant called El Chavo, on sunset blvd that TheMostFamousArtist curated for an art renovation. I was there to meet up with my friend Chris Haven of Secret skwardon to check out some of his crews amazing street art stylie. i was quickly put to work painting, and a few days later the project came out amazing! Shortly after that i was invited to TheMostFamousArtist Warehouse, which to my surprise was right next to @PlasticJesus spot, where he, @ImHuge and @Unfukyourself were all working on new projects that day! This was the intro into the world of street art that i was waiting for. It wasn’t long after that, i came in to help serialize the cash for TheMostFamousArtist “$100k” project and helped produce the “el chapo bricks”. In that time we started the process of figuring out how to make a balloon last forever.

I first met SimplySaraArt (the YOUtube Art Star) at The Most Famous Artist warehouse. She was creating a large buddha piece, shortly after that she made the stencils for the Kaplan twins to sit on famous artist’s faces. She helped me make the first large ghost stencil, and since then we’ve worked on 5 more projects from canvas to Forever Balloons, with more in production as we speak. She has produced, shot, and edited some videos for Balloonski’s Social Media, plus so many more for her own page SimplySaraArt!

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